I have had this collection in my head for quite some time. Our weather is finally starting to change, and this is when I envision the 🧚Fae would come out. I wanted to keep it special so I only created 3 bands in the set.


This is “Wallflower” – I absolutely love robin blue on peach. It’s one of my favorite color combinations. Obviously this would look fantastic on any mint-blue girl, but I’d also love to see it on any natural hair colors. (like Mermaid Tasha /swoon)

Secret Garden

I was going for a vintage-Japanese feel with “Secret Garden”. Primary yellow, blue and red always gives me that vibe. One side has a red butterfly, the other a red mushroom. I thought the felt bow on top was a sweet touch.

Fruit Punch

I instantly think of little fairies gathering strawberries, so I thought how sweet to think of them mashing tiny strawberries with their feet making “Fruit Punch”. πŸ˜‚

Mushroom Sprinkle Bows

πŸŽ€ I did 3 sets of bows. Each set of 2 has 1 sprinkle bow with tiny mushrooms, stars and circles, and 1 coordinating felt bow. I went with more primary colors here in yellow polka dot, classic green and classic red.

I hope you enjoy the new collection. They will be available in my Etsy shop some time today.