I am so excited to have finished my first collection in my reboot; Midnight Carnival. πŸ¦‡
I went with 8 OOAK headbands in the series. Each is engraved, numbered on the bottom, and each comes in a hand-made box.
All of them will be added to my Etsy (link shortly) and available October 1st, 2019.

Some things didn’t go exactly as I had planned and some ideas haven’t fully worked out how I would like, but I suspect time and practice will make everything how I want it.

One of my ideas and reasons for choosing “Dear Blythe Doll” was because I love writing short stories. I thought it would be really cute to have each collection as if a Blythe was writing another Blythe a letter related to the collection. It might be a little child-like, but uhm… we are doll collectors. 🀣 So, this was the one I wrote for Midnight Carnival.

Dear Ultimate Tour,
I wish you could have seen the Midnight Carnival! It popped up late last night out of no where.
The caravans had herbs and dusty books for sale and oh! I went on this Ferris wheel that was so high, I saw the Junie Moon!
Way in the back they had a side show with all these amazing creatures. I think your favorite would have been the 2-headed bat. πŸ–€
I got you this headband from the fortune teller. She said it would bring the wearer good luck.
Maybe next year we can go together.
Your friend,
Devi Delacour 😈