It’s been several years since I have made Blythe headbands. I previously created under Sugar Balloon in collaboration with Tiny Bazaar.

So much has changed in my personal and hobby life that I look back and I barely recognize myself. It’s amazing how much you grow through your 30s. Anyhow, I will get back to dolls or I’ll end up writing a novel. lol!

Through all of my personal changes my love of Blythe may have ebbed and flowed, but it never stopped. I finally feel like I am back into the position to rebrand myself and start anew. Here I am now as “Dear Blythe” or “Dear Blythe Doll”.

I sat here for weeks trying to think of a name I felt fit. I really liked the idea that our dolls are gifts to ourselves. And when we select gifts for our gifts, it’s a pretty personal and self love process. I imagined getting little Blythe doll love notes and packages from myself and my girls to you and your girls. πŸ’–

I am still working on every detail. My hope is to officially launch October 1st, 2019. We will see if I can make my own deadline. All of the little side projects in packaging have been a lot of trial and error. (mostly error 🀣) But I am quite chuffed with my progress and ideas so far.

Thanks for visiting! Hope to connect with everyone better on Instagram and find all my old friends from Flickr. xx