First let me take a moment to thank you for owning one of my creations! Your support means the world to me! I hope with some standard care that your bands and bows will last as long as your dolls do.

My headbands have a few different types of designs. Yours may have fabric bows, faux leather bows, fabric buttons, plastic do-dads, faux flowers, etc. The care of the headbands regardless of what is on them, is pretty much the same.

First is that I recommend you stand them upright. Laying them on their sides may weaken the glue and cause something to come off. All of the bands should stand on their own without support.

I personally display mine with my dolls as I consider them little works of art.

Tiny Bazaar displayed her headbands on felted PVC rolls when she did BlytheCon in 2009. I plan on making a tutorial for this soon as I love the idea as well.

You may have noticed some debris or fuzzies on your headband. This is especially true with velvet ribbons and fabric buttons. I always keep a sticky roller with my doll clothes and it will work great on headbands too! Don’t push with the roller, a soft swipe across should handle any issues.

You may notice over time that your headband may lose a little of it’s shape. This is due to all the different types of doll hairs you can use it for. Not to worry! The metal is very durable. So re-shape, simply pinch both ends together as shown and that should bring the tight shape back.

You could also put it around a larger drinking glass and press around in a circle.

Photo incoming soon*

Uh oh! A plastic do-hickey fell off! I haven’t had this happen or had anyone bring this to my attention of happening, but if it does, you can simply re-glue the piece back. I personally use E6000 glue which has an outstanding bond. I’ve also found Bob Smith’s Gold Glue holds very well.

If you prefer to try something non-toxic like Aileen’s (or Art Glitter) glue, just be sure to give it time to cure (at least 48H) before using and be prepared to likely glue again down the road.

Caring for your bows is a pretty easy job. As with your headbands, a soft swipe of light sticky roller should remove any debris and give it a quick fluff. I would recommend that you do not use a super sticky roller as it may snag or tear, especially on tulle bows.

It is important to handle your tulle bows with care. Try to store them in a way where the tulle cannot get caught on something and cause a snag or tear. A sprinkle may work it’s way out here and there, but if you notice a sprinkle festival has occurred, you can try to repair it with a thread and needle.

When opening the clip to use, take care to pinch gently. And always pinch to completely open when removing so you don’t snag your dolls hair.

As with anything hand made and special, a little love and gentleness will ensure years of use.