I have had several Blythe carry bags. I don’t believe I have ever had a bad bag. But I recently purchased a Cool Cat bag and a Dolly Boutique bag. I was surprised that I found them very different.

Sunshine isn’t happy being upside down

The Cool Cat bag can hold more girls and I feel like it’s more of a travel bag. Great for vacations and doll meets. This is their “simple bag” and it’s for 1 girl. But if you head to foot, you can easily fit 2. I recommend you wrap them in light tshirt material to keep pull charms from hitting any precious face ups. You could probably fit 3 girls in there if you really wanted and didn’t use the clasp. I think a Middie and 2 Neo for sure. And even some other accessories. There’s quite a bit of room in there.

Zipper pouch

Another feature I like is this little zipper pouch. Great for shoes and accessories that like to get lost. You could fit a thin dress or 2 as well.

The bag designs are cute. I was happy to snag this Kiki Delivery one. The overall bag construction is durable and well made. I feel my girls are safe in here as long as I protect their faces.

Banana ice cream 🍦

When it comes to cuteness, Dolly Boutique wins. Their bags are just the sweetest designs. I prefer this bag when I am carrying just 1 girl. Maybe out to dinner or to a movie when I just want to have a doll with me.

Peek a boo

One small nitpick is that my dolls will tend to slip down and you can’t always see their full face in the window. I’ve been putting a small box in the bag to keep them up high. It’s also worth noting that mohair and alpaca girl hair will get messed up, so bring a brush 😂

Darling Diva is a nudist 🤣

As far as room, there isn’t a whole lot like the Cool Cat bag. But there’s plenty for a Neo and you could tuck an extra dress behind her legs without it being a bother.

The bag itself provides relatively good protection. I really like the softness of the lining. I don’t feel like I need to protect her face in this bag like the other one. She is much more snug and secured.

No dolls were harmed. Sunshine was promptly put upright.

Overall I am happy with both bags as they serve different functions for me. I probably use the Dolly Boutique bag more often, it’s a great every day bag. But when I go to a doll meet or travel, I am super happy I have that Cool Cat bag ready.

Junie Moon bag

I didn’t want to include this bag in the review since I no longer have one. This is an older photo of mine and I stupidly sold this bag. But this is a Junie Moon Blythe bag. They recently stocked new ones with the Unicorn Maiden release and I am so sad I didn’t grab one then. Hopefully they will regularly have them available again.

Hello cuties!

If you can get your hands on one of these, I absolutely recommend adding it to your collection as well. The way the dolls lay face up keeps them safe and protected. There is room for 2 girls, a pocket for small accessories, and easily can lay some outfits under them. Their hair won’t get messed up but you should always cover faces to avoid pull rings moving around. This bag is beautifully made and one of my favorites.

You really can’t go wrong with any bag. I have seen so many nice ones that are hand made too. ❤️ Thanks for reading and I hope you find the right bag to suit your needs.